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July 23, 2021

In-Ring Segment: Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Reigns tells the crowd and everyone at home to acknowledge him. Reigns adds that John Cena acknowledges him too. Reigns said he thought we would get a new Cena but he was fooled by Hollywood. Cena hasn’t changed. Same music, same jokes, same everything. It’s like missionary position every night. Reigns has no interest in that. Cena is right. Reigns adds that Cena is right, Reigns can’t see him. And no one else will either.

Reigns’ answer is no. Finn Bálor’s music hits. Reigns looks confused. Bálor gets in the ring. Reigns says Heyman just said Bálor is out here to “do like Cena” and acknowledge him. Bálor says that’s not why he’s here but if Reigns doesn’t accept Cena’s challenge, maybe he’ll accept Bálor’s challenge. Reigns chuckles. Heyman whispers to Reigns. A “Roman’s Scared” chant breaks out. Reigns accepts.

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July 19, 2021

Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) w/Paul Heyman vs. Edge
Reigns makes Edge wait. After the bell rings, Reigns and Edge stare each other down. Reigns backs Edge into the corner during a lock-up. Reigns mushes Edge in the face as he gives him a break. Edge backs Reigns into the corner.

Edge slaps Reigns. Edge takes down Edge and rides Reigns back. Reigns drops Edge with a shoulder tackle. Edge works over Reigns’ arm. Reigns backs Edge up with a stiff right hand. Edge drives Reigns into the ring post arm first over and over again. Reigns rolls out of the ring. Reigns and Edge trade strikes.

Edge sends Reigns out of the ring. Edge follows and walks right into a Samoan drop out on the floor. Edge is almost counted out. Reigns stomps Edge in the corner. Reigns sends Edge out of the ring again. Reigns slams Edge’s head into the ring steps. Reigns ground and pounds Edge. Reigns works over Edge. Reigns lands the drive-by. Reigns misses the Superman Punch. Backslide by Edge. Reigns kicks out. Reigns and Edge boot each other in the face at the same time. Edge and Reigns trade strikes. Edge surprises Reigns with the Educator. Reigns narrowly kicks out. Flapjack by Edge. Edge hits the implant DDT. Reigns kicks out. Edge slams Reigns’ head into the ring post. Reigns gets trapped in the tree of woe. Edge stomps Reigns in the corner. Edge traps Reigns in the crossface. Reigns eventually gets to the ropes. Read more

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July 16, 2021

Houston, Texas

Mr. McMahon walks out on the stage to begin the show. The live crowd goes nuts. Mr. McMahon asks the crowd “where the hell they’ve been”. Mr. McMahon walks to the back without saying another word.

Roman Reigns and The Usos vs. Edge and The Mysterios

Jey Uso attacks Edge from behind. Edge slams Jey. Dominik and Mysterio double team Jey. Edge holds up Jey in the air as Mysterio hits a

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springboard senton. Dominik tags in and hits a double springboard moonsault for a near fall. Jimmy gets a blind tag and blindsided Dominik. Reigns tags in and yanks Dominik out of the ring. Reigns suplexes Dominik for a near fall. Reigns tosses Dominik out of the ring. Reigns powerbomb Dominik on the announce table.

After the break, Edge gets the hot tag. Edge goes after Reigns on the apron but Reigns runs away. Edge catches Reigns outside the ring with a clothesline. Mysterio tags himself in and hits a senton on Jey. Mysterio sets up a 619. Reigns blocks it and pulls Mysterio out of the ring. Edge Spears Reigns outside the ring. Jey pins Mysterio after Jimmy superkicks Mysterio behind the referee’s back.

Winners- Roman Reigns and The Usos

After the match, Jey attacker Mysterio. Edge hits the ring with a chair. Reigns Superman Punch by Reigns. Reigns breaks a chair and has one of the exposed legs. Before Reigns can do anything, Edge Spears Reigns. Edge puts Reigns in the crossface using the broken chair piece. Reigns taps out.




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July 10, 2021

Thunderdome, Florida

In-Ring Segment: Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Reigns says there is a lot about last week that he didn’t like. There is one thing he refuses to stand for and it’s a liar like Edge. Edge claims he’s in Reigns head. Reigns says he’s an honest man, so he can cop to for maybe 10 seconds there of fear and doubt when Edge had him in the crossface at WrestleMania. That fear motivated him to smash and stack Daniel Bryan and Edge to win.

The only reason Edge was able to get to him a few weeks ago is because he wasn’t focused. Reigns’ was distracted by his family issues with his cousins to focus on Edge. Jimmy Uso interrupts and says he did what he did last week for them, the family. Reigns was nowhere to be found. Jimmy jokes that Reigns was on vacation. Reigns says he was busy doing Jimmy’s job. The Usos music hits and Jey Uso hits the ring. Jey says he’s here for the family not for any one of them. Jey tells Jimmy he’s got his back and they need to get back to what they want, being the 7-time tag team champions. Reigns says that’s what needs to happen and the way they will succeed is together. No one can touch them if they do it Reigns way. Everyone hugs.

Backstage, Jimmy apologizes to Jey for everything he said to him. Jey asks Jimmy if they should handle Edge before Reigns does. Jey tells Jimmy to  think about it.

Backstage, Edge says he wonders if Reigns has a big enough set of jewels to come to the ring by himself later tonight.

Backstage, Heyman tells Reigns that Edge questioned his manhood.

In-Ring Segment: Edge

Edge says he doesn’t care how many minions Reigns has. Edge had exposed the cracks in the table. Edge says he’s going to choke out anyone who gets in his way. Backstage, Reigns and Co are watching. Edge is going to take the Universal Championship at MITB. It’s real simple, Edge is calling Reigns out right now. Backstage, Reigns tells the Usos to stay in the back. Reigns is going to do this himself. Reigns tells Heyman to hold onto the Universal Championship for him. Reigns walks down to the ring. Jey tells Jimmy that something doesn’t feel right. Jimmy asks if he thinks it may be a trap. Jimmy and Jey join Reigns on the ramp. Reigns looks annoyed. Reigns tells Jimmy and Jey he’s going to handle this on his own.

Reigns gets in the ring. Edge and Reigns exchange blows. Edge backs back Reigns in the corner. Rey and Dominik Mysterio hit the ring and attack the Usos with chairs. Edge drops Reigns with a DDT. Edge calls for the Spear. Jey holds his leg. Jimmy superkicks Edge. Dominik hits a double 619 on Jimmy and Jey. Edge Spears Jey. Edge breaks another chair. Edge tells Rey to hold Jey. Edge puts Jey in the crossface using the broken chair leg. Reigns watches from the stage as Jey screams in pain. Edge yells for Reigns to come save his cousin. Reigns doesn’t budge. Edge puts Jimmy in the crossface using the chair piece. Edge goes back and forth between both Usos, torturing them with his vicious submission hold.



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June 26, 2021

Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida


We open Smackdown backstage, Paul Heyman tells Roman Reigns that Rey Mysterio and Dominik are acknowledging him from their hospital beds. Jimmy walks in. Reigns asks him where Jey is. Jimmy says he finally spoke to Jey and he’s not coming. Jimmy says he still isn’t anyone’s bitch, but he’s here to help. Reigns asks Jimmy if he can do what Jey does. Jimmy tells Reigns he isn’t his brother but he can do what Jey does. Reigns chuckles and tells Jimmy to prove it.

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Backstage, Jimmy asks Heyman what Reigns meant when he said prove it. Heyman says if Jey isn’t here, The Family needs Main Event Jimmy Uso. Heyman tells Jimmy he has to win a match tonight. Heyman says if they get him this match and he doesn’t win… Heyman pats Jimmy on his back and walks away.

Jimmy Uso defeats Dolph Ziggler w/Robert Roode

Uso walks back behind the curtain and Reigns and Heyman are standing there watching the monitor. Uso asks how that was. Reigns smirks and walks away. Uso tries to follow, but Heyman stops him.

In-Ring Segment: Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Heyman says the footage of what Reigns did to Rey and Dominik Mysterio speaks for itself. Heyman list all the people Reigns has destroyed. Heyman says there is no one left. Reigns killed the division. Edge’s music hits. Edge power walks to the ring. Edge and Reigns brawl. Edge slams Reigns head into the announce desk. Reigns surprises Edge with a Superman punch. Reigns grabs a chair. Edge Spears Reigns. Edge sets up a conchairto. Jimmy Uso runs down to the ring and attacks Edge. Edge Spears  Uso through the barricade as Reigns runs away.



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June 11, 2021

Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida

In-Ring Segment: Jimmy Uso

Jimmy says Reigns had to make the tag title match last week about him. Jimmy says he thinks Reigns got them disqualified on purpose. Reigns, Heyman, and Jey are watching from backstage. Jimmy says Reigns is jealous. Jimmy says Reigns is trying to take his brother away from him. Jimmy says he’s his brother’s keeper, not Reigns. Tonight, Jimmy is going to do something he isn’t going to regret.

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Backstage, Reigns tells Jey to handle his brother. After the break, Jey finds Jimmy backstage. Jimmy asks Jey if he thought they were going to win last week. Jey is his brother. Jey is supposed to stand with him. Jey gets frustrated and says he’s stuck in the middle of this but he’s loyal to the Tribal Chief. Jimmy tells Jey if Reigns wants him he’ll be in the Usos looker room. Backstage, Jey walks back into Reigns locker room. Reigns asks Jey where Jimmy is. Jey says Jimmy said if Reigns wants to see him he has to go to the Usos locker room. Reigns laughs at the notion of the Usos having their own locker room. Reigns ask if he’s sure it’s not “Roman’s Cousin’s locker room”? Reigns tells Jey he’ll go to “their” locker room. Reigns is still laughing as he walks away. Reigns, Jey, and Heyman walk into the Usos locker room. Jimmy calls Reigns a bitch. Jimmy and Reigns argue. Jey says he’s tired of both of them. Jey says he’s out and leaves. Jimmy tells Reigns if he wants to go, they can go. Reigns begs off and says this isn’t how they should be representing their family. Jimmy shouldn’t be doing this to his brother. It’s about all of them. It’s about being the best. Reigns asks Jimmy how he could treat his brother like that. Reigns tells Jimmy not to do this to his brother. Jimmy needs to make this right for the family. Jimmy nods and walks away.

In-Ring Segment: Rey Mysterio

Mysterio demands Reigns come to the ring. Reigns obliges, flanked by Heyman. Mysterio tells Reigns that he acknowledges him…  as the rat bastard that he is. Mysterio wants a Hell in a Cell match. Mysterio says now that he’s laid out his challenge, it’s Reigns turn to acknowledge. Reigns starts to speak but Mysterio attacks Reigns with a kendo stick that appeared out of nowhere.

Reigns blocks a kendo stick shot and tries to powerbomb Mysterio. Mysterio hits Reigns in the head with the kendo stick multiple times. Reigns Superman punches Mysterio. Reigns calls for the Spear. Dominik teleports down to ringside and hits Reigns with a kendo stick. Reigns picks up Dominik, runs, across the ring, and powerbomb him out of the ring! Mysterio attacks Reigns from behind but ends up getting laid out as well.



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