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August 27, 2019

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Baton Rouge, LA

We see Roman Reigns backstage walking. Will he give an apology to Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan? Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Roman Reigns to the ring.

Before Reigns can speak, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan appear on the big screen. Bryan says it’s real simple, Reigns just has to say two words – I’m sorry. Reigns asks fans if he should apologize and most say no. He asks again and they say it louder. A “no!” chant breaks out now. Reigns says let’s check out this video and if he still needs to apologize, he will. Reigns shows us a video from the original attack attempt on SmackDown several weeks ago. There’s a focus on the hooded man that looked like Rowan, and it’s him. Bryan is furious. He asks Rowan what this is we’re seeing. Bryan unloads with slaps to Rowan’s face, over and over and over, while yelling at him about hating liars. Rowan tries to say he did it for Bryan, but Bryan slaps him again, over and over, and tells him to get out of here. Rowan leaves. Read more

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August 26, 2019

Added photos of Roman v Samoa Joe during WWE Live! Bogotá tour on 8/23/2019 to the photo galleries

wwelivebogota-1.jpg wwelivebogota-5.jpg wwelivebogota-8.jpg wwelivebogota-7.jpg

credit: wwe

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August 26, 2019

Added 20+ photos of Roman v Samoa Joe during the WWE Live! Panama tour on 8/25/2019 to the photo galleries

wwelivepanama-1.jpg wwelivepanama-20.jpg wwelivepanama-13.jpg wwelivepanama-21.jpg wwelivepanama-8.jpg

credit: wwe

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August 23, 2019

wwe2k20tower-00001.jpg wwe2k20tower-00007.jpg wwe2k20tower-00006.jpg wwe2k20tower-00023.jpg wwe2k20tower-00024.jpg

 sd82019-00001.jpg sd82019-00002.jpg sd82019-00013.jpg sd82019-00010.jpg sd82019-00007.jpg


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