October 2nd, 2020
 #Friday Night Smackdown 10/2/2020 Results: Jey & Roman ain’t done yet!

Orlando, Florida – Amway Center

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman comes out to the ring. Reigns raises the title in the air on the stage and the pyro goes off. They march to the ring as Greg Hamilton does the introductions. This will be the ceremony to officially crown Reigns as the Tribal Chief.

Reigns takes his time entering the ring, which has a red apron cover. He raises the title again and more pyro goes off. Heyman takes the mic and asks us to forgive him because he’s a little bit nervous tonight.

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He’s known Reigns and his entire family since the day Reigns was born, and he’s always looked forward to his actual moment because everyone knew this was destined to happen. Heyman says we are all here tonight to officially declare Reigns the Tribal Chief. Not just the Tribal Chief of his own family or SmackDown, or WWE, but the Tribal Chief of the entire WWE Universe, which is why it’s so necessary that Reigns is your undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion. The crowd boos.

Heyman wants to set the stage appropriately, with respect. He names WWE Hall of Famers like Peter Maivia, Reigns’ uncle Afa, and Reigns’ father Sika… Reigns interrupts. He doesn’t want Heyman to call him that. He doesn’t want Heyman to call him the Tribal Chief because “he” wouldn’t acknowledge him as that. His brother did, but he wouldn’t. He’s referring to Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso, and what happened at Clash of Champions. Reigns wants his cousin to come out here right now. The music hits and out comes Jey.

Jey is all business. He says he doesn’t know Reigns. He says Reigns showed his true colors at Clash of Champions, and so did he. He says Reigns beat his ass but if it weren’t for Jimmy throwing in the towel, the title would be his. Reigns stares him down in the middle of the ring. Reigns asks if Jey thinks he’s proud of what he did. Reigns says Clash was the worst night of his career, the worst night of his career, professionally and personally. Those weren’t his intentions going into the match, he wanted to help Jey and put him in the main event. Reigns goes on about wanting to help Jey, and says all Jey had to do was acknowledge him. All he had to do was say the words, acknowledge him as the Tribal Chief. Reigns says from the day he was born this has been his birthright, he wasn’t handed this, he had to work his ass off and Jey has seen it the entire way. All Reigns wanted was to represent their family to the fullest, to share the main event with Jey, but all Jey did was disrespect him, and embarrass their family. He says Jey broke his heart. He calls Jey out for looking at the title and not him while he spills his guts. Is this all you want? Reigns asks Jey if he wants another shot at the title. Reigns says he’s got it. Do you want it at Hell In a Cell? It’s yours. Reigns says the match will have the highest stakes that any match has ever had in WWE history.

Reigns hugs Jey now. He tells Jey, while hugging him, that he wouldn’t accept the challenge and this time there will be real consequences. Reigns drops the title and exits the ring with Heyman following. The music starts up as Reigns marches up the ramp while Jey watches. Jey takes the mic and says whatever the stakes are, Reigns is on. Cole says Jey has accepted the challenge. Graves wonders what the stakes are.

– Jey Uso is still in the ring while the music hits and out comes AJ Styles. AJ asks if this is all over? Did he miss it? He asks if it really matters who sits at the end of the table and has the most chicken bones. Not really. AJ says believe it or not, Jey matters to him. AJ doesn’t want to see Jey take another beating like he did last Sunday. AJ tells Jey to find someone more qualified to go for the title. Let Reigns be the Tribal Chief, sacrifice a goat or something, and you can go on living. AJ goes on and says Jey can go on living as the runt he’s always been because his brother is the better athlete. Jey ends up going after AJ, sending him to the floor and leaping off the announce table to knock him down. Jey gets hyped up as SmackDown goes to commercial.


source: wrestlinginc.com

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