November 5th, 2021
 #Friday Night Smackdown 11/05/2021: Bend The Knee

Evansville, IN

In-Ring Segment: Roman Reigns and The Bloodline

The crowd showers Reigns and co with “you suck” chants. Reigns notes that he wasn’t at SmackDown last week because after smacking someone like Brock Lesnar he deserved a vacation. Reigns says he had a great week running around naked with his wife. He had a great week but that dumb-ass Brock Lesnar got himself suspended indefinitely. Reigns takes credit for getting Lesnar fined and suspended. Reigns asks Heyman what else happened last week. Heyman blubbers about Kayla asking him questions about Lesnar. That’s not what Reigns meant. Heyman reminds us all that The Usos lost a match to the New Day last week.


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Reigns goes nuts. Reigns asks which one of the brothers got pinned. Jey points at his brother Jimmy. Reigns asks Jimmy how he’s going to fix this. Jimmy goes on a rant about knocking the crown off King Woods’ head. King Woods and Sir Kofi interrupt. Woods makes a crack about being the head of the table. Woods challenges Jimmy to a match tonight. If Jimmy wins, Woods will acknowledge Reigns. If Jimmy loses, Jimmy will have to bend the knee to King Woods. Jimmy accepts.

Backstage, Reigns asks Jimmy and Jey how many of their problems is he going to have to solve. Jimmy says they got this.

King Woods w/Sir Kofi vs. Jimmy Uso w/Jey Uso

King Woods crushes Jimmy with a diving leg drop. Jimmy kicks out. Jimmy lands a Samoan drop off the top. King Woods kicks out. Jey tries to hold King Woods down while his brother pins him but the referee catches it. In the confusion. King Woods rolls up Jimmy for the win.

Winner- King Woods

After the match, Jimmy is about to bend the knee but Reigns hits the ring and Superman punches King Woods. The Bloodline destroys King Woods and Sir Kofi. Jimmy puts Sir Kofi in a half crab. Jey hits a splash to Sir Kofi’s leg. Reigns forces King Woods to watch. Reigns tells King Woods to see him next week.


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