September 18th, 2020
 #Friday Night Smackdown 9/18/2020 Results: Samoan Street Fight Roman & Jey v Sheamus and Corbin

Orlando, Florida – Amway Center

Samoan Street Fight: Roman Reigns and Jey Uso vs. Sheamus and King Baron Corbin

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with manager Paul Heyman. They stand together on the stage as the pyro goes off. Reigns takes the mic and says he came out first because he wants no confusion this week. You can call this place whatever you want but this is his yard, his place, his island, his WWE, and if you want it, come and take it from him. Reigns drops the mic. The music starts up as Jey Uso makes his way out next. Reigns watches his cousin wrap his entrance as we go back to commercial.


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Back from the break and King Baron Corbin is being carried to the ring by his caravan. Sheamus waits on the apron. Reigns and Jey start off rocking their opponents. They clear the ring to start with Reigns throwing big right hands. Jey runs around the ring and takes Corbin down on the floor as Reigns watches. Sheamus pulls Reigns to the floor and they trade shots. Jey leaps off the top of the barrier to drop Corbin on the floor. Sheamus ends up knocked over the barrier after shots from both competitors. Corbin ends up dropping Jey on the floor with Deep Six after throwing a chair at Reigns’ face to drop him.

Corbin brings Reigns in the ring and follows with a steel chair but Reigns kicks him as he goes to pick the chair up. Reigns unloads on Corbin with chair shots while he’s down now. Reigns goes under the ring for a table but Sheamus runs over out of nowhere and delivers a big knee to the jaw. Sheamus mounts Reigns on the floor with right hands. Corbin mounts Reigns now, working him over as the referee warns them from the ring. Sheamus and Corbin double team Reigns at ringside now. They toss Reigns over the announce table and he lands hard on the floor. Jey is still down in the ring. Corbin and Sheamus bring a table in the ring now. Corbin mounts Jey with big right hands. Sheamus stomps away on Jey in the corner now. Corbin and Sheamus stand the table up but here comes Jey with an enziguri to Sheamus. Jey fights Corbin now. Jey goes to the top but Sheamus cuts him off. Corbin and Sheamus both grab Jey from the top, carry him over to the table and powerbomb him through it.

Sheamus covers for the pin on top of the table debris but somehow Jey kicks out. Corbin can’t believe it. Corbin goes back to ringside but Reigns throws a chair at him and he goes down. Sheamus rocks Reigns in the face. Sheamus clears the announce table now. Sheamus slams Reigns face-first into the announce table. Sheamus brings Reigns on the table and goes for White Noise but Reigns fights out and hits a low blow. Reigns then puts Sheamus through the announce table with a Samoan Drop.

Corbin immediately rocks Reigns. Reigns sends him into the ring post face-first. Everyone is down but Reigns now. Reigns charges as Sheamus gets up and hits a big Spear to send him crashing through the barrier at ringside. Corbin nails Reigns from behind. Corbin sends Reigns into the steel steps, then into the ring. Jey gets up in the ring and leaps out, hitting Corbin but Corbin tosses him into the timekeeper’s area. Corbin is alone with Reigns in the ring now.

Uso grabs Reigns’ title belt and nails Corbin with it from the floor, dazing him. Reigns quickly follows up with a Spear to Corbin. Jey immediately goes to the top and hits the big Uso Splash, covering Corbin for the pin to win.

Winners: Roman Reigns and Jey Uso

– After the match, Jey’s music hits as he stands tall and begins to celebrate. Reigns stands up and looks confused. Heyman watches from ringside. Jey is getting hyped up but Reigns doesn’t share his excitement. Jey grabs the Universal Title belt and stares at it before tossing it to his cousin. Jey goes back to celebrating the win as Reigns looks at him and starts smiling. They embrace in the middle of the ring, keeping it held for a minute or two. Jey exits the ring, still celebrating and calling on Reigns to join him. Reigns looks on from the ring, staring Jey down. Heyman looks at Reigns from the side, nodding his head as Reigns glances over at him. SmackDown on FOX goes off the air with Reigns staring down his Clash of Champions challenger.


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