September 26th, 2020
 #Friday Night Smackdown 9/25/2020 Results: Jey Confronts Roman Reigns

Orlando, Florida – Amway Center

Jey Uso is backstage. He starts knocking on Roman Reigns’ locker room door and says they have stuff to do. Jey says he’s not leaving until Reigns opens up. Back to commercial as he continues to knock. Back from the break and we get a video package on why the cousin vs. cousin match at WWE Clash of Champions is a true family affair. The video features comments from members of the Anoa’i Family.

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We go back to the ring and out first comes Jey Uso to a pop. Jey takes the mic and says he’s hyped up. He plugs Clash of Champions on Sunday as we see Paul Heyman and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns watching the match from backstage. Uso plugs the match. He addresses Corey Graves and says Graves was supposed to interview him, but he can have the night off. Uso shows us how he and Reigns won the Samoan Street Fight over Sheamus and King Baron Corbin last week, and their post-match hug after Jey joked around with the title belt. We also see how Reigns fumed as Jey left the ring, looking back at Heyman, who nodded in approval.

Jey says people have asked him all week about that look behind his back. He says let’s ask Roman about it. Fans boo as we see Reigns and Heyman backstage again. Uso asks Reigns what’s up with that look but Reigns isn’t coming out. Uso thought they were better than that but he saw Reigns smile in his face and frown behind his back. What is it? The camera cuts backstage again and Heyman is walking out of Reigns’ locker room. Reigns believes the whole world deserves to hear what Reigns has to say to his cousin, face to face, in the ring. Here’s where we have it all wrong – that talk won’t happen when Jey wants it to happen, it will happen when Reigns wants it to happen. Heyman absolutely positively happens that the face to face discussion will happen, in the ring, tonight.

Jey is shown watching from the ring, and he’s not thrilled. Heyman asks to be excused now as he goes back into Reigns’ locker room. We go back to the ring. Jey knew something was up when Roman changed his phone number. Now he apparently has Heyman screening everything. Jey says that’s fine and what’s up because they will talk later. Uso goes on and delivers the Uso Penitentiary welcome. Uso drops the mic and exits the ring.

Alexa Bliss marches up the ramp as the music interrupts and out comes WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns for the main event. Paul Heyman is right behind him. Reigns stops on the stage and raises the title in the air but we see Bliss standing behind him. She’s stopped to look behind her, staring Reigns down. Cole says we were supposed to get an interview with Reigns and Jey Uso tonight. Bliss heads to the back and Reigns’ is announced by Hamilton as he heads to the ring. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is in the ring with Paul Heyman as the crowd cheers and boos. Heyman looks like he’s about to speak but the music interrupts and out comes Jey Uso with some pyro.

Reigns takes the mic and asks Jey if he wants Roman’s side of the story. Reigns says to be honest he would give Jey the title if he could, but the truth is that Jey wouldn’t even now what to do with it. He says Jey doesn’t understand the accountability or the responsibility of being on top, the weight or the passion of being the face of WWE. How could he? It’s not Jey’s fault, he’s a twin. His entire life he’s depended on his brother. Reigns isn’t saying Jey is half the man he is, no, he’s one half of the greatest tag team from this generation and because of that their family is so proud of him, but Reigns says their family relies on him being the Tribal Chief. That’s not Jey and never will be, because it will always be Reigns. The crowd boos. Reigns drops the mic and walks past Uso, who is looking down. Heyman follows Reigns out of the ring.

Jey takes the mic and asks what if Reigns is wrong. Reigns stops in his tracks on the ramp and listens. Jey asks why he can’t be the one to provide for the family, why can’t he provide for his wife and kids, who are Reigns’ nephews. Jey says he’s been fighting his whole life but Reigns has been on top. Jey says people see Reigns and they call him The Big Dog, the main event, but when people see him they ask, “Which one are you?” Jey says after Sunday, people will now say they know him, he’s the one who beat Reigns for the Universal Title and that will be him. Jey yells out and drops the mic as Reigns continues marching up the ramp to the back. Jey’s music starts up and Reigns heads right to the backstage area without stopping.

Jey exits the ring and backs up the ramp, playing to the crowd. He mentions his brother, injured WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso. Reigns suddenly comes running back out and drops Jey with a big Superman Punch on the stage. Reigns kneels down over Jey, putting the title in his face, and yells about how he feeds their entire family with this title, and now Jey wants to take it? Reigns says Jey will take the payday and the ass whopping that comes with it, but he will never take the title and he will never take Reigns’ place at the head of the table. The boos get louder as Reigns stands back up over Jey, staring down at him. Heyman watches. Jey starts to recover but he’s still down. The final SmackDown before WWE Clash of Champions goes off the air with Reigns looking down with the title on his shoulder while the crowd boos him.


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