January 2nd, 2021
 #Friday Night Smackdown Results 01/01/2021: Kevin Owens is decimated!!

St Petersburg, Florida – Tropicana Field

Out first comes WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. They stop on the stage and the pyro goes off as Reigns raises the title. Greg Hamilton does the introductions and they march to the ring. Reigns takes the mic and as the face of WWE, he wishes everyone a Happy New Year. Reigns says 2020 has been rough but when you’re the head of the table, the Tribal Chief, you make it work. Fans boo him some more. Reigns says everything he touches turns to greatness, just look at who he surrounds himself with.

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He mentions saving Heyman after he was just tossed out. He goes on praising Heyman as the most genuine, honest man he’s ever done business with. Heyman bows and fans boo some more. Reigns says his cousin Jey is a prime example of what he can do. He said just listen to him and what’s happened? It’s been the best yer of Jey’s career. Reigns goes on praising Jey and the success he’s had, all because he acknowledged Reigns as his Tribal Chief. Reigns turns to Jey and says he did this because he knows who Jey is, he’s understood since day one. Everyone else was wondering which Uso he was, but Reigns says he’s always known Jey as Main Event Uso. Reigns says he would never have put all this on Jey but he knew he would knock it out of the park each time, and that’s why Reigns loves Jey.

Reigns goes on talking to Jey but the music interrupts and out comes Kevin Owens. Reigns yells for the music to be cut and says no one wants to hear it. He yells at Owens about how no one wants to see him, he’s irrelevant now and it’s embarrassing to see him. Owens was a social media sweetheart for a few weeks but that’s done now. Reigns continues with the insults and says he gave Owens’ family a good payday, so he hopes Owens gave them a good Christmas. Reigns says tonight is all about he and his family. Now is Jey’s time so Owens should quit being selfish. Owens says it is embarrassing to Reigns to see him out here because this all means Reigns and his family failed. They tried to take Owens out but here he is. He goes on about what it took for Reigns and Uso to guarantee Reigns kept the title. Owens keeps talking trash and says The Big Dog is gone and he’s been replaced by a giant b—h. Fans pop. Owens says Reigns is right, it’s not about a fight between them tonight, and it is about cousin Jey tonight, that’s fine, because he’s here to fight, not Reigns, but Jey. Owens says Uso will pay tonight for what his cousin has done. Owens says he’s going to the back and he doesn’t care who he has to talk to, he’s telling them, not asking, that he will fight Jey tonight. Owens says when he’s done with Jey, Reigns’ family will have nothing to celebrate. Owens drops the mic and heads to the back as his music starts up. Reigns, Uso and Heyman look on.

Later on backstage Adam Pearce is on the phone when Kevin Owens walks up. Owens says he’s here to fight Jey Uso and he’s going to do it either way but it would be great if Pearce makes the match. Pearce goes on about everything he has going on tonight. Owens begs him and he says he can’t do it, but he will give Owens anyone else on the roster tonight. Owens says he’ll take Roman Reigns. Pearce asks Owens why he’s doing this. They continue the back & forth until Pearce gives in and gives him the match with Uso.

The announcers confirm Jey Uso vs. Kevin Owens for tonight. We go backstage to Uso, Roman Reigns, and Paul Heyman. They see the Uso vs. Owens graphic on the TV. Reigns isn’t happy the match was made because of all he’s done for the company, and says this means they don’t appreciate him. He tells Heyman to go and find out who doesn’t appreciate him. Heyman bows to Reigns and walks off.

Paul Heyman approaches Roman Reigns and Jey Uso in the back, and blames the match with Kevin Owens on Adam Pearce. Reigns says they just won’t learn and everyone is trying to take what they have worked for. He tells Jey not to let them, and go out there, show them why he’s the main event. Uso walks off.

Kevin Owens vs. Jey Uso

Winner: Kevin Owens

– After the match, Owens stands tall as his music hits. Owens calls Roman Reigns out and starts beating Uso up some more, dropping him with another Stunner. Owens keeps looking at the stage, trying to bait Reigns out here. Owens goes out and grabs Graves’ headset, telling Reigns to come take care of his family, and calling him a b—h. Owens grabs a pair of handcuffs from under the ring and brings them in, cuffing Uso to the top rope. Uso throws a fit and tries to get free but Owens superkicks him to the mat. Owens keeps stomping away on Uso, focusing on his hurt leg. Referee Charles Robinson tries to get him to stop but Owens only wants Reigns. Owens cuffs both of Uso’s arms now and brings him out of the ring, to the production area next to the stage.

Owens beats Uso up some more and then superkicks him. Owens is about to run and jump off a platform to put Uso through a table while cuffed, but Reigns meets him on the platform and cuts him off. Fans boo as Reigns beats Owens down. Owens fights back but Reigns keeps control. Uso joins Reigns now, up on a platform behind the first row of virtual fans. They send Owens up another level and unload on him with steel chairs while he’s down on the platform. Reigns and Uso continue trash talking Owens while he’s down. Usu holds Owens as Reigns delivers more chair shots. A “you suck!” chant starts up now. Owens keeps trying to fight back but now Uso is superkicking him. Reigns sends Owens into the LED boards, slamming his head into it a few times. Reigns pounds Owens with right hands now, continuing to destroy him.

Reigns grabs Owens from up high on the platform and launches him off, down below through the table that Owens was originally going to splash Uso through. Reigns stands tall and Uso looks down at Owens as a referee runs over to check on him. Owens is laid out in the debris down below as we go to a replay. The first SmackDown of 2021 goes off the air with Reigns looking down below at Owens, who is laid out.

source: wrestlinginc

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