June 4th, 2021
 #Friday Night Smackdown Results 06/04/2021

Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida

In-Ring Segment: Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Reigns is showered with”Roman sucks” chants. Reigns says he’s very direct about how he’s feeling. Last week he wasn’t happy. But after talking to Heyman he feels differently. Reigns is a giver and he is allowing this tag team title match to happen.  If Jimmy says they are going to win, they better. Reigns tells Heyman to bring him his cousins.


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Heyman stumbles all over himself to yell at the production crew to hit the Usos music. Jimmy and Jey join Reigns in the ring. Reigns tell Jimmy to acknowledge him. Jimmy says he already did when Reigns choked him out at Hell in a Cell. Reigns sighs. Reigns tells his cousins that their entire family is watching. They better win. Reigns tells Jimmy to bring him the titles when it’s over.

Winners and STILL SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Rey and Dominik Mysterio!

Backstage, Jimmy tries to explain to Reigns that they were cheated. Reigns yells at Jimmy for calling his shot and losing. Reigns says they embarrassed him. Reigns tells them both to fix this tonight. Reigns says he wants them to understand his position. The Usos are six-time champions but have only been on the WrestleMania card once. Jey was part of the main event this year. Reigns calls Jimmy Jey. Jey steps to Reigns and says that he’s Jey. Reigns chuckles and asks at this point if it even matters.

Backstage, Mysterio and his son are leaving the arena. Pearce and Deville stop them, Deville lets them know that the referee clearly made a mistake and they will defend the tag titles against The Usos again later tonight.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: Rey and Dominik Mysterio (c) vs.  The Usos REMATCH

Reigns appears out of nowhere and Superman punches Dominik to cause a disqualification.

Winners- Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Reigns yells at his cousins that he has to come to clean up their messes. Reigns hits Dominik and Mysterio with the ring steps over and over again. Reigns tosses Mysterio over the barricade. Reigns brings Dominik back into the ring and ground and pound him. Reigns locks Dominik in a guillotine as Jimmy and Jey watch. Jimmy tells Reigns that’s enough and not like this. Reigns lets Dominik go. Jimmy leaves the ring. Jimmy yells for Jey to come with him. Jey is conflicted. Reigns glares at Jey. Jey doesn’t budge. Reigns hammers Dominik with a few more rights and lefts before lifting him off the mat and crushing him with a thunderous powerbomb.

credit: wrestlezone.com


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