June 11th, 2021
 #Friday Night Smackdown Results 06/11/2021

Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida

In-Ring Segment: Jimmy Uso

Jimmy says Reigns had to make the tag title match last week about him. Jimmy says he thinks Reigns got them disqualified on purpose. Reigns, Heyman, and Jey are watching from backstage. Jimmy says Reigns is jealous. Jimmy says Reigns is trying to take his brother away from him. Jimmy says he’s his brother’s keeper, not Reigns. Tonight, Jimmy is going to do something he isn’t going to regret.

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Backstage, Reigns tells Jey to handle his brother. After the break, Jey finds Jimmy backstage. Jimmy asks Jey if he thought they were going to win last week. Jey is his brother. Jey is supposed to stand with him. Jey gets frustrated and says he’s stuck in the middle of this but he’s loyal to the Tribal Chief. Jimmy tells Jey if Reigns wants him he’ll be in the Usos looker room. Backstage, Jey walks back into Reigns locker room. Reigns asks Jey where Jimmy is. Jey says Jimmy said if Reigns wants to see him he has to go to the Usos locker room. Reigns laughs at the notion of the Usos having their own locker room. Reigns ask if he’s sure it’s not “Roman’s Cousin’s locker room”? Reigns tells Jey he’ll go to “their” locker room. Reigns is still laughing as he walks away. Reigns, Jey, and Heyman walk into the Usos locker room. Jimmy calls Reigns a bitch. Jimmy and Reigns argue. Jey says he’s tired of both of them. Jey says he’s out and leaves. Jimmy tells Reigns if he wants to go, they can go. Reigns begs off and says this isn’t how they should be representing their family. Jimmy shouldn’t be doing this to his brother. It’s about all of them. It’s about being the best. Reigns asks Jimmy how he could treat his brother like that. Reigns tells Jimmy not to do this to his brother. Jimmy needs to make this right for the family. Jimmy nods and walks away.

In-Ring Segment: Rey Mysterio

Mysterio demands Reigns come to the ring. Reigns obliges, flanked by Heyman. Mysterio tells Reigns that he acknowledges him…  as the rat bastard that he is. Mysterio wants a Hell in a Cell match. Mysterio says now that he’s laid out his challenge, it’s Reigns turn to acknowledge. Reigns starts to speak but Mysterio attacks Reigns with a kendo stick that appeared out of nowhere.

Reigns blocks a kendo stick shot and tries to powerbomb Mysterio. Mysterio hits Reigns in the head with the kendo stick multiple times. Reigns Superman punches Mysterio. Reigns calls for the Spear. Dominik teleports down to ringside and hits Reigns with a kendo stick. Reigns picks up Dominik, runs, across the ring, and powerbomb him out of the ring! Mysterio attacks Reigns from behind but ends up getting laid out as well.

credit: wrestlezone.com


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