June 26th, 2021
 #Friday Night Smackdown Results 06/25/2021

Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida


We open Smackdown backstage, Paul Heyman tells Roman Reigns that Rey Mysterio and Dominik are acknowledging him from their hospital beds. Jimmy walks in. Reigns asks him where Jey is. Jimmy says he finally spoke to Jey and he’s not coming. Jimmy says he still isn’t anyone’s bitch, but he’s here to help. Reigns asks Jimmy if he can do what Jey does. Jimmy tells Reigns he isn’t his brother but he can do what Jey does. Reigns chuckles and tells Jimmy to prove it.

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Backstage, Jimmy asks Heyman what Reigns meant when he said prove it. Heyman says if Jey isn’t here, The Family needs Main Event Jimmy Uso. Heyman tells Jimmy he has to win a match tonight. Heyman says if they get him this match and he doesn’t win… Heyman pats Jimmy on his back and walks away.

Jimmy Uso defeats Dolph Ziggler w/Robert Roode

Uso walks back behind the curtain and Reigns and Heyman are standing there watching the monitor. Uso asks how that was. Reigns smirks and walks away. Uso tries to follow, but Heyman stops him.

In-Ring Segment: Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Heyman says the footage of what Reigns did to Rey and Dominik Mysterio speaks for itself. Heyman list all the people Reigns has destroyed. Heyman says there is no one left. Reigns killed the division. Edge’s music hits. Edge power walks to the ring. Edge and Reigns brawl. Edge slams Reigns head into the announce desk. Reigns surprises Edge with a Superman punch. Reigns grabs a chair. Edge Spears Reigns. Edge sets up a conchairto. Jimmy Uso runs down to the ring and attacks Edge. Edge Spears  Uso through the barricade as Reigns runs away.

credit: wrestlezone.com


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