September 11th, 2020
 #Friday Night Smackdown Results 09/11/2020: Roman & Jey vs Corbin and Sheamus

Orlando, Florida – Amway Center

Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring with his special counsel Paul Heyman.

Paul says he has been authorized to enlighten you on some history.  Two weeks ago, we let the secret out of the bag and told everyone what only the two of them know.  Two days later, Roman Reigns wrecked everyone and he left as the Universal Champion.  Last Friday, your tribal chief said to tell you everything.  He laid all of his cards on the table and on that same night, his bloodline and family, Jey Uso stepped up.  Not only did Jey emerge as the only benefactor of a Fatal Four Way, he dethroned a king, he braved a Brogue, and he solved a Riddle to become the number one contender for the Universal Championship.  Paul says he has been given the opportunity to introduce that number one contender.  He may be his cousin, but he should be his blood brother . . .Jey Uso.

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Jey makes his way to the ring.

Jey says Paul goes way back with his family so he has some love for him.  Jey thanks Paul because he gets to compete against his blood for the Universal Championship.

Paul apologizes for interrupting.  Paul says all of the appreciation should go to your cousin.  This was Roman’s idea when Big E went down.  Paul says he did what your tribal chief wanted.

Roman says Jey doesn’t have to thank him because they are blood.  Years, we have thought about this.  Roman says he is proud of Jey.  The whole family is proud of you.  You earned this and you are going to be in the main event.  You are going to take a huge payday home.  This is your moment.  At Clash of Champions, it won’t be your moment.  Like when we were kids, I am going to whoop your ass.  This needs to stay on my shoulder for our family to be where it is.  After I whoop your ass,then  it will all be love.

Jey says they aren’t kids now.

Baron Corbin comes out and says this was a set up.  You pulled some strings to get a hand picked opponent for your first title defense and he is your cousin.  This is a classic case of nepotism and it makes him sick.  Baron says he hates when someone walks around and abuses their power.

Sheamus interrupts and he interrupts his trip to go fishmongering to say that this stinks.  Big E took an unfortunate spill when he showed him where his car was.  IT should have been a Triple Threat match but then strings are pulled and it is a Fatal Four Way.

Jey asks if Sheamus is asking for time to prepare.  Why not you prepare for a tag match with him and Big Cuz.  It can be Blood versus Butt Mud.  Sheamus is sent to the floor and Jey with a punch and he sends Corbin shoulder first into the ring post.

Roman leaves the ring without saying anything.

We see Jey Uso in the back talking while Roman Reigns looks like he would rather be anywhere else.

 Baron Corbin and Sheamus versus Jey Uso and Roman Reigns (with Paul Heyman)

Sheamus goes after Jey and Jey avoids him and Jey punches Corbin.  Sheamus with a shoulder tackle to Jey.  Sheamus sends Jey into the ring and Corbin runs into a boot.

The match starts and Corbin misses a splash.  Jey with a sunset flip to Corbin followed by a thrust kick.  Sheamus trips Jey and Corbin with Deep Six for a near fall.  Sheamus tags in and punches Jey and then rips Jey’s shirt to connect with forearms across the chest.  Sheamus with a slam and Corbin tags in and kicks Jey.  Jey with a kick and he knocks Sheamus off the apron.  Jey with a kick and Samoan drop.  Jey misses the running hip strike and Sheamus tags in and hits White Noise for a near fall.

Sheamus sets for the Brogue Kick but Roman’s music plays and Roman makes his way to the ring.  Sheamus misses the Brogue Kick and Jey with an enzuigiri and then he hits a suicide dive onto Corbin.  Sheamus catches Jey off the apron and then Jey escapes.  Jey goes up top and hits a splash but Roman made the tag.  Roman looks at Jey and hits the spear for the three count.

Winners:  Jey Uso and Roman Reigns

Jey raises Roman’s arm on the stage but Roman does not appreciate being touched.


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