September 28th, 2021
 #Friday Night Smackdown Results 09/24/2021: Roman vs Montez Ford

Philadelphia, PA

Backstage, Montez Ford says the Street Profits are going to win back their tag titles Sunday. The Usos have been too busy doing Reigns bidding to be ready for this match. The Usos aren’t Reigns Bloodline, they are just Bloodline Bitches.

From his locker room, Roman Reigns looks utterly confused. Reigns asks Paul Heyman, “What did he say?” Heyman explains Ford called the greatest tag team ever, bitches. Reigns gets serious and says he wants a match with Ford tonight. Heyman reminds Reigns he has a title defense in an extreme rules match against an undefeated demon. Reigns glares at Heyman. Reigns asks Heyman why he’s still standing there. Heyman scurries off.


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Montez Ford vs. Roman Reigns

Ford grabs a side headlock. Reigns reverses. Ford sends Reigns into the ropes but Reigns runs over Ford. Ford responds with a dropkick. Reigns falls out of the ring. After the break, Reigns works over Ford. Reigns catches a kick from Ford. Reigns tries to flip Ford but Ford does a backflip and lands on his feet. Ford kicks Reigns out of the ring. Ford tries to dive off the announce table but it collapses. Reigns slams Ford. Ford falls out of the ring after a big lariat from Reigns.

After the break, Ford lands a blockbuster. Ford tries a splash but Reigns rolls out of the way. Ford lands on his feet. Reigns hits a Rock Bottom for a near fall. Reigns calls for the Superman Punch. Ford counters with a DDT for a near fall. Ford sends Reigns out of the ring. PK by Ford. Ford sends Reigns into the ring steps. Ford sends Reigns back into the ring.  Ford tries another splash but Reigns gets his knees up. Reigns rolls Ford into the Guillotine. Ford taps out.

Winner- Roman Reigns

Heyman grabs a mic and says that wasn’t enough for Ford’s crimes tonight. Heyman councils Reigns to show Ford and ALL of his challengers what happens when you challenge the Tribal Chief. The Usos hit the ring and set up a table as Reigns assault  Ford with a chair in the ring. Reigns Rock Bottoms Ford through a table. The lights go out and the lights come back up red. Bálor appears on the top rope and hits a splash on Reigns and the Usos. Bálor works Reigns over with a kendo stick. Bálor tosses Reigns out of the ring. Bálor lands a  dive. Bálor poses over Reigns as he writhes in pain out on the floor.



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