November 22nd, 2019
 #Friday Night Smackdown Results 11/22/2019:

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Rosemont, IL

Tonight’s WWE SmackDown opens up with a look at the blue brand Superstars gathered backstage for a meeting. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day are doing limbo. Roman Reigns speaks from the front of the area and tells the roster they can’t let what happened on RAW and WWE NXT happen tonight. He takes a shot at King Baron Corbin and everyone laughs. Reigns has the bay door opened and says they’re going to let everyone in tonight, and beat their asses when they come.

King Baron Corbin is backstage with Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Corbin knocks Roman Reigns’ idea of letting NXT Superstars in the door tonight because of what just happened. Corbin goes on and talks about coming up with a plan for Team RAW and Team NXT when they try to crash the six-man main event – roll out of the ring and let them beat up Reigns and his partners, and then… Corbin goes on until Sami Zayn approaches. Corbin thinks Sami is annoying. They have words and Sami calls Corbin to the ring for a fight right now. Sami’s music hits as he heads to the ring, before he could even finish the challenge to Corbin.

Mustafa Ali, Roman Reigns and Shorty G vs. King Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

We go to the ring for tonight’s six-man main event as hometown star Mustafa Ali is out first. Shorty G is out next, followed by Roman Reigns to a big pop. Greg Hamilton does the introductions as they head to the ring. It looks like Reigns’ entrance pyro was botched as he finally had to lead the other two to the ring. They hit the ring together and the stage pyro finally went off as Cole sent us back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode at ringside wrapping their entrance. King Baron Corbin is out next. Corbin is carried by the crew members with the throne and platform once again. Reigns stares him down and talks trash. The bell rings and Reign rocks all three opponents, including the starter, Roode. Reigns with a big Drive By to Corbin on the floor. Roode charges but Reigns rocks him on the floor. Ziggler attacks Reigns from behind.

Corbin gets involved and sends Reigns into the barrier. Roode comes back to the floor and rams Reigns into the apron. Roode brings it back into the ring and stomps on Reigns. Ziggler comes in but Reigns ends up fighting him off. Roode charges but Reigns nails a Samoan Drop. G tags in and goes at it with Ziggler. G unloads and hits a Northern Lights suplex for a 2 count. G and Ziggler tangle some more. G gets sent to the apron. Corbin and Roode team up to launch G from the apron onto the announce table, hitting the monitors on the way to the floor. Reigns and Ali check on G while he’s down on the ground in pain. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ziggler almost puts Reigns away with a big DDT. Ziggler ends up cranking up for the superkick but Reigns nails a Superman Punch instead. Corbin and Ali tag in and go at it for a pop. Ali unloads. Corbin misses a splash in the corner. Ali kicks him. Ali plants Corbin face-first. Ziggler attacks from behind but Ali nails a spin kick to his jaw. Ali runs the ropes and hits a big dive, sending Ziggler into the announce table. Ali runs back in and out the other side, taking Corbin down on the floor for a pop.

Ali brings Corbin int he ring but Corbin misses a chokeslam. Ali with an elbow to the jaw and a big tornado DDT from the corner. Ali goes to the top without trying for a pin. Roode crotches him. G takes Roode off the apron. Roode with a big Spinebuster on the floor to G. Reigns levels Roode at ringside. Ziggler superkicks Reigns on the floor. Ali and Corbin go at it again in the ring. Corbin catches Ali with a Deep Six out of nowhere for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winners: King Corbin, Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler

– After the match, Corbin takes his scepter as the music hits. He goes to use it on Ali but Reigns makes the save with a big Spear. Seth Rollins’ music suddenly hits to a pop. Reigns stands tall in the ring. Corbin rolls out. Ali is still down. Rollins finally appears in the crowd with several RAW Superstars – RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders, The Street Profits, Ricochet, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, The OC, others. Reigns is left alone in the ring, no back up from the SmackDown Superstars. Rollins enters the ring and stares at Reigns. They have some words. Rollins suddenly decks Reigns and they brawl. The RAW Superstars enter the ringside area and attack Ali, G, Ziggler, Roode and Corbin at ringside


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