November 8th, 2019
 #Friday Night Smackdown Results 11/8/2019: Roman vs Baron Corbin

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Manchester, England

We get loads of pyro to begin – it’s like November 5 still in here – then plenty of boos for King Corbin. How can you boo the best entrance theme on the main roster? Come on lads.

Corbin gets on the mic and address Survivor Series, which will be Raw versus SmackDown versus NXT. Loud NXT chants. He says all fans can talk about is NXT taking over SmackDown. He says he finds it’s embarrassing. He lays the blame at the door of “locker room leader” Roman Reigns. He lists his accomplishments including defeating cancer. The crowd applaud. But Baron says he knows he’s a role model but this “fickle bloodsucking audience” only think “what have you done for me lately?” And in Roman’s case, the answer is nothing. He says he’s lost his desire and doesn’t understand the responsibility it takes to be king. “The Bug Dog’s testicles have shrivelled up into itsy, busty, tiny marbles.” He says the bark has gone. He plays a video of an animated version of the Reigns dog graphic making pathetic yapping noises. Corbin says Reign isn’t here because he’s too busy making a wish for children but he’ll be here later for him to beat the crap out of him. This promo goes downhill fast with references to dog excrement. No, really.

Main Event

Roman Reigns arrives and gets a big pop – the Big Dog has also brought some deafening pyro, which I’m a big fan of. King Corbin then hits the ring, to a less enthusiastic reception. Right before the bell Roman sends him flying over the top rope with a huge clothesline and smacks the taste out of his mouth by the announce tables. Now Roman sends him face first into a barricade before the bell rings and the match gets officially underway. Nine punches in the corner but Corbin blocks the tenth. He gets six in but is dragged off the top rope and eats 10 and a big boot. Ripple of applause for the former WWE Champion. He calls for a Superman Punch but Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler run down the ramp and Reigns confronts them with right hands. Corbin takes advantage. Big Deep Six for a near fall.

Loud “let’s go Roman” chant. He’s over here tonight. Right hands to the gut from Corbin. The King throws him out of the ring so the jackals Roode and Dolph can pounce when the refs back is turned. Reigns rallies but is felled by Corbin’s Big Boss Man clothesline spot. They trade clubbing blows in the middle of the ring. Chokeslam by Corbin for a two count, after Reigns teases a Superman Punch.

A comeback by Reigns sees him nearly gets the win with a big hit then Ziggler and Roode block the Superman Punch. He hits it on on Roode instead, spears Ziggler out o of his boots, but Corbin wins with End of Days! Massive victory for the King! Solid match, if a little drawn out in the middle.


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  1. my master of Roman Reigns will get the revenge of Lex Luther is King Baron Corbin next week on Smackdown of KFox14 cause Team Gotham and Metropolis never gives up faith or hope but always fighting against evil villians in a battle of war loved @sharoncole33

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