December 11th, 2020
 #Friday Night Smackdown Results 12/11/2020: Have a Goodnight!

Tampa, Florida – Tropicana Field

The announcers show us a video package on recent happenings between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns. We cut backstage to Reigns and Paul Heyman watching the video, which includes the attack on his cousin last week. Jey Uso walks up and asks if Reigns is good. Reigns is and he asks the same, and how the family is. Reigns says he should be good, thanks to him. The music of Owens hits in the arena and Reigns takes notice, as does Usos. Uso wants to go get Owens. We see Owens sliding a table into the ring. Reigns tells Uso to go get him.

We go to the ring and Owens is throwing more weapons into the ring now – a ladder and steel chairs to go with the table he previously slid in. Owens sits the chairs up and stands the table up. We see Reigns and Heyman watching in the back. Owens stands the ladder up next. Owens takes the mic and says he knows Reigns is watching, so he needs to listen closely. Owens isn’t afraid of Reigns. Even with Reigns being as good as he’s ever been, Owens does not fear him.Reigns says he fights for his family and Owens can relate to that, but as good as Reigns is, regardless of what he says it looks like Reigns’ family is doing the fighting for him. Owens says Reigns is using his family to fight his battles for him. Owens says their match at TLC is the most important of his career and he knows the Reigns we see today, with all the momentum he has, can probably beat anyone in WWE. Owens is aware he needs all the help he can get if he wants to win. Owens fights for his family also but his family isn’t a part of the industry, they support hm by watching at home. Owens says his family won’t be able to physically help him at TLC, but he has a few friends that will be there to help. Owens introduces his friends – tables, chairs, ladders. He cuts promos on how each friend will help him at TLC.

Owens is standing at the top of the ladder now. He says Reigns can keep the head of the table because at TLC he will do what it takes to get back to the top of the ladder and become Universal Champion once again. Owens goes on about family but he’s suddenly knocked off the ladder by a steel chair shot to the knee, from Uso. Reigns smiles in the back while watching Uso unload on Owens with chair shots. Uso beats Owens onto the table and lays him out. Uso goes to the top but Owens gets off the table and decks him with a chair shot to the face. Owens with big chair shots over the back now. Owens with right hands while Uso is down. Owens drives Uso face-first into the ladder. Owens puts Uso through the table with a Pop-Up Powerbomb as fans cheer him on.

Owens sells a knee injury as the music hits and out comes Reigns with Heyman. Owens stands in the ring with a chair, ready to fight, yelling at Reigns. Reigns and Heyman watch from the stage. Heyman talks strategy to Reigns, reminding him he calls the shots and this is his ring, he does things on his time. Owens limps around the ring and tells Reigns to come show his family. Reigns turns and walks back to the back as fans boo. Heyman follows. Owens leaves the ring with a chair, limping up the ramp to the back. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Owens is marching through the back with a chair, looking for Reigns. Kayla stops him for comments. Owens goes on yelling about Reigns and Uso. Reigns suddenly drops him with a chair shot to the back. Reigns sends Owens into some fencing and continues to beat him up while he’s down. Reigns talks some trash and keeps the assault going. Reigns stops pounding on Owens and looks at the camera to address Owens’ wife and kids. He says they haven’t been formally introduced, but he is Roman Reigns, the head of the table, your Tribal Chief, the guy who put the roof over your head, the food on your table, and if you don’t talk some sense into daddy and your husband, then Reigns is going to be the guy that takes the food off the table. We see Owens struggling to get back up in the background. Reigns stops talking and kicks Owens in the head again. Reigns looks back at the camera and says to have a good night, then walks off.

source: wrestlinginc

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