December 12th, 2020
 #Friday Night Smackdown Results 12/18/2020: Bow to the Tribal Chief KO!

St Petersburg, Florida – Tropicana Field

Owens takes the mic and addresses WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, saying he’s been waiting all week and is not waiting one minute longer. Owens calls Reigns out and says let’s do this. Reigns doesn’t show. Owens says that’s fine for now because he has something he wants to discuss. His family heard Reigns’ message loud and clear last week and he told his family not to watch Sunday’s TLC match under any circumstance, but not because of what they will think of what Reigns will do to Owens, but because of what Owens’ family will think of him when they see what he does to Reigns. Fans cheer Owens on as he calls Reigns out again.

Owens says he heard Reigns recently tell Jey Uso that he cares what his sons think of him. Owens says that doesn’t matter because if they’ve been watching, they already know Reigns is a hypocrite. Owens goes on about how Reigns uses his family members as pawns, and says that’s pathetic. Owens says Reigns’ actions prove he knows he’s not the head of the table, he’s a coward. Paul Heyman appears on the big screen from backstage at Reigns’ locker room door.

Heyman recalls his Talking Smack conversation with Owens and how he said he’s a masochist. Heyman says Reigns is a sadist, especially for when it comes to putting a beating down on Owens. Heyman says Owens really isn’t a masochist, he’s a martyr and will do what he needs for the title, sacrificing anything. Heyman goes on with his promo and says mutilation won’t stop Owens so Owens needs to be eliminated, taken out, eradicated. Owens interrupts and says he can’t hear one more word coming out of Heyman’s fat mouth, and if Reigns won’t come out and face him, then Owens is going to look for Reigns. Heyman rolls his eyes and looks off as Owens exits the ring and marches up the ramp. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and WWE Producer Adam Pearce is backstage walking with Owens, reminding him TLC is on Sunday and he needs to reconsider this trip to Reigns’ locker room. Owens knocks on Reigns’ door but we hear Reigns’ music start up in the arena as fans boo and the mind games begin from Reigns. Reigns and Heyman head to the ring as Owens watches from a TV screen in the back.

The boos get louder as Reigns enters the ring and Heyman hands him the mic. Reigns says he doesn’t want to hurt Owens or his family, but Owens is running around here telling everyone he’s a bad guy. Reigns says he’s not a bad guy, he’s just doing what it takes to be “THE” guy and Owens wouldn’t understand because that’s above his pay grade. As a matter of fact, Reigns is going to show Owens he’s a good guy, he’s going to give Owens the same chance he gave his own flesh & blood, Jey. We see Owens walk away from the TV in the back. Reigns wants Owens to acknowledge him, acknowledge him as the head of the table, but if he doesn’t or just can’t, then Reigns is going to end him. He won’t even make it to TLC on Sunday, or make it out of here tonight.

Reigns calls Owens to the ring to come apologize, and tell him the words he wants to hear. Reigns drops the mic and turns to the stage to wait as the boos get louder. Here comes Owens as fans cheer him on. Jey suddenly attacks from behind at the bottom of the ramp. Uso unloads with lefts and rights. Owens fights back. Reigns comes out and Owens gets double teamed now. The beating continues until Owens is laid out, face-down on the ground. Reigns stands over Owens with big strikes now. WWE officials run down to try and break it up but Reigns and Uso stand up to them.

Owens starts to get up but Reigns launches him into the barrier as the boos continue. Heyman comes out and hands the title over as Reigns places it over his shoulder. Reigns, Uso and Heyman march up the ramp as we see Owens try to crawl and get up, but he’s stumbling and can’t get to his feet.

– Back from the break and we see what just happened to Kevin Owens. Jey Uso and Roman Reigns are in the back with Paul Heyman. Uso goes on about how Owens got the message and understands now. Reigns says he knows Owens’ kind and he won’t stop, no matter what. Reigns tells Uso to end Owens, take him out. Uso walks off.

out comes WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Paul Heyman. Reigns stops on the ramp and raises the title as the pyro goes off. Reigns heads to the ring to deliver his final pre-TLC message to Kevin Owens. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Reigns has a mic in the ring. For the longest time he’s been trying to understand why, if you have the chance to be in the ring with him, on the island of relevancy, in the main event of a pay-per-view, in a title match with Roman Reigns, why would you ruin it? Reigns says this is what the kids of Owens’ kids and their kids will talk about, this is what will elevate your career. He goes on but the music interrupts. Out comes Owens but he’s in bad shape. Owens limps down the ramp but stops to grab a steel chair and take out Uso as he charges on the ramp.

Owens hits the ring and unloads, stopping Reigns from picking a chair up. Uso enters from behind and superkicks Owens to save Reigns. Reigns runs the ropes and takes Owens down with a Spear as fans boo. Reigns delivers chair shots and jabs while Owens is down. Uso is sliding tables and more chairs into the ring. Reigns continues with the chair shots to Owens. Uso puts Owens through a table as the boos get louder.

Reigns and Uso talk trash as Owens struggles to crawl. Reigns says Owens had the opportunity of a lifetime but he chose to piss him off. Reigns grabs Owens and drives him through another table with a big Samoan Drop. The boos pick up. Reigns grabs half of the chair and slams it on Owens, then does the same with the other half of the table. Uso slides two more tables in the ring, and two ladders.

Reigns has piled a bunch of table parts, ladders and whole tables on top of Owens, burying him under the weapons. Uso starts tossing chairs in the ring now. Reigns slams ladders down on top of Owens and the pile he’s buried under. Owens and Uso starts delivering chair shots to the tables and ladders that Owens is trapped under. Reigns’ music hits and a “you suck!” chant starts up as he marches to the back with Uso and Heyman. We see Owens under the debris in the ring.

Reigns, Uso and Heyman return backstage to the Gorilla Position area now. Kayla is waiting and Reigns tells her she can have one question. Before she can ask, the TV screen behind them Owens crawling out from under the weapons in the ring. He takes the mic and says there’s nothing Reigns or his family can do to keep him down. Kayla disappears and Reigns walks away with Heyman and Uso. Owens continues his promo in the ring as fans cheer him on. He says he’s going to win the WWE Universal Title at TLC on Sunday or he’s going to die trying. The final SmackDown before TLC goes off the air with Owens sitting up in the ring, recovering as fans cheer him on.

source: wrestlinginc

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