September 14th, 2020
 #Jim Ross, Kurt Angle, Baron Corbin, AJ Styles and More talk Roman Reigns Heel turn

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho appeared on his YouTube channel for his weekly live Saturday Night Special stream to answer various questions from fans. At one point “Le Champion” was asked about Roman Reigns’ recent heel turn and alliance with Paul Heyman, which quickly resulted in him winning the WWE Universal Championship. Jericho loved the idea, stating that it would elevate Reigns to a level of stardom he’d never seen before.

“I love the Roman Reigns heel turn, I love the pairing of Roman and Paul Heyman, I think it’s great. Once again, you know that I have said this for years that Roman is gonna be even bigger than he has been. Just let him be himself and he’s gonna be an even bigger star,” Jericho said. -credit:


talkSPORT spoke to Jericho ahead of AEW’s All Out pay-per-view and we asked the Demo God what he thought of the Big Dog’s change in character.
“I’m a huge fan of Roman Reigns,” he declared. “I think as a heel he’s going to be leaps and bounds better than as a babyface which will then allow him to become a hot babyface, which will be leaps and bounds over him being a heel.

“I love Joe. He’s a great worker. I loved working with him. I probably worked with him 40 times in 2016 and 2017. We did house shows all around the world and he’s got a great personality. “If you would just let Roman Reigns be himself, he’ll get over even more so. He’s just a cool guy.” -credit


Kurt Angle

“Roman should have turned heel years ago. I Think he will be a bigger babyface AFTER his heel run. Roman is as solid of a franchise talent as anyone. He’s the man – Kurt Angle – courtesy of

Baron Corbin recently had the chance to speak with WWE Superstar Baron Corbin, and he broke down his response to Reigns’ new outlook and what he’s hoping to accomplish now that this new version of Reigns has made himself known.

As Corbin broke it down, “I think it’s refreshing. I think [Reigns] needed to evolve for himself. I think he wanted to evolve and I think he sees that he can bring a new attitude and a new game to SmackDown…the more incredible stars we have, the better we are as a whole. And I think he’s found something in Paul Heyman that will benefit him and we all know what Paul Heyman did with Brock Lesnar. I think he can do the same with Roman Reigns. So it’s something special right now. He’s firing on all cylinders. He took a few months off and we’ll see where he’s at physically when he gets tested in a long championship match. He took a shortcut, I can’t hate him for that, taking that shortcut to get that universal championship at Payback.”

As for his “shortcut,” Corbin has this to say about Reigns getting the Universal Championship so soon, “[He] saw an opportunity and that’s what Paul Heyman brings to the table for him is finding those opportunities and making the most of them.” But don’t count out Corbin just yet as he’s waiting for his turn, “[We’re] going to see if the new attitude’s for real or if it’s just a show. We’re going to put him to the test, we’re going to put him through the ringer…” Corbin even got into how his history with Reigns will inform what the two of them get into next, “…I have history, we beat each other all the way around the Houston Astros baseball stadium. And we’ve had all kinds of foreign objects in our battles and I kind of look forward in a twisted way to see what he brings to the table with this new attitude, what kind of competition he’s going to bring into that ring when that bell rings. So it’s exciting, it’s refreshing and I think people are really going to kind of be into what he’s doing.” – credit:

AJ Styles

During Twitch AJ was later asked for his thoughts on Roman Reigns’ return and pairing with Paul Heyman and revealed he was just as shocked as everyone else. “It’s surprising, isn’t it,” Styles asked. “He fought with Brock for so long and now he’s associating himself with Paul Heyman. It’s surprising. I would love to know how that came about. credit- wrestlinginc


Jim Ross

Discussing Reigns’ recent heel turn and his pairing with Paul Heyman, Ross said that he likes the fit and he explained that the company now has a chance to get Roman over as a viable something:

“It seems like it’s a fit,” JR said. “At least now they have a fighting chance to get Roman over as a viable something. It’s not, ‘Is he a tweener? Is he a fan favourite? Is he a villain?’ We know pretty much what he’s going to be with Heyman.” – credit: SESCOOPS


Eric Bischoff

On his reaction to Reigns’ heel turn: “What are my thoughts? Glad, number one. I think it was much needed for Roman and for WWE. And to hopefully create some fresh new storylines that feel very unique from what we’ve been watching for the last year or two. Which is always why something like this is appealing, right? Because it’s kind of like, in a way, you’re kind of wiping the slate clean, you know? And all things are possible. So for that, I like it.”
On the turn taking place without a real audience: “Part of me feels bad for Roman, because a massive heel turn like that without the advantage of the reaction of a live crowd? You’re leaving a lot of equity on the table. You have no choice, I’m not saying there was an option. But it’s unfortunate it had to happen now instead of maybe last fall, or last spring or last winter when you would have had the magnitude of power, probably three or four times the energy that you got off just watching people on digital. It would have been helpful to the heel turn, it would have provided a much stronger foundation.”

On his overall thoughts on it: “Beyond that, you know. They’ve got Paul, that’s a good thing. I never thought that Roman’s issue was his ability to cut a promo, but I never worked with him that much either so I might not be right about that. But I’d say it’s a great thing overall. It’s just too bad it couldn’t have happened six months to a year ago, but hey that’s life. And lastly, let’s just wait. Let’s not judge it too soon. Let’s pretend we’re watching a movie, and we’re gonna sit down with our freakin’ popcorn, and we’re gonna wait until the first act is over before we start deciding whether we wanna go take a leak. Just sit back and watch, see what happens.” -credit




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