September 21st, 2021
 #Monday Night Raw Results 09/20/2021: The Bloodline vs The New Day & Roman vs Big E vs Lashley!!!

Raleigh, NC

In-Ring Segment: The New Day

The WWE Universe showers Big E with a “you deserve it chant”. Big E says he is here to give thanks to everyone who chanted “New Day Rocks” or “New Day Sucks”. Big E is beyond grateful to everyone who lost their mind when he won the WWE Championship. Big E says he is thankful for everyone below the heavens and one incredible friend above. Big E gets choked up as the crowd chants for “Brodie”.

Big E says tonight they have business to handle with The Usos and the Head of the Table, Roman Reigns. This is New Day’s show and they are going to send the Bloodline packing. Roman Reigns music hits. The Bloodline walks to the ring. Reigns laughs at New Day as he holds up the Universal championship. Big E steps up to Reigns and holds up the WWE Championship. Everyone argues as the show cuts to commercial.

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The New Day vs. The Bloodline w/Paul Heyman

Jimmy sends Kingston into the corner. Jimmy monkey flips Kingston but Kingston lands on his feet. Kingston dropkicks Jimmy. Woods tags in. Kingston and Woods hit a flurry of moves. Jimmy kicks out. Big E tags in and points at Reigns. Big E levels Jimmy with a lariat. Woods tags in and gets driven into the Bloodline’s corner. Jey lands a few strikes. Jey whips Woods into the ropes. Kingston gets a blind tag and lands a springboard splash. Jey kicks out. Jimmy and Jey double team Kingston in the corner.

Kingston starts to fire up. Reigns pulls Kingston out of the ring. Reigns slams Kingston into the announce desk. Reigns grabs Kingston and launches him into the ring post. After the break, Kingston manages to tag in Big E as Jey tags in Reigns. Reigns and Big E have a stand-off. Reigns and Big E trade strikes. Big E suplexes Reigns three times in a row. After a distraction from Jimmy, Reigns lands a Rock Bottom. Big E kicks out. Big E avoids a Superman Punch and lands a big splash.

Big E sets up the Big Ending. Reigns escapes. Woods tosses Kingston over the top for a splash. Reigns lands a Superman punch that sends Big E out of the ring. Woods Superkicks Reigns and lands on top of him for a long two count. Bobby Lashley runs down to the ring and attacked everyone outside the ring. In the confusion, Reigns Spears Woods in the ring for the win.

Winners- The Bloodline

After the match, Lashley Spears Reigns. Big E starts to stir outside the ring. Lashley Spears Big E through the barricade.


Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Big E

Reigns watches as Big E and Lashley tear into each other. Reigns tries to attack Big E but Big  E runs over him. Big E hits a nasty splash on the apron to Lashley. Before Big E can take advantage, Reigns hits the drive-by out of nowhere. After the break, Big E leaps over Lashley with a leapfrog. Back elbow by Lashley. Lashley traps Lashley in an abdominal stretch. Reigns breaks it up with an uppercut. Reigns clotheslines Lashley over the top rope. Leaping clothesline by Reigns to Big  E.

Big E kicks out at two. Reigns tries a drive-by on Lashley but Lashley counters by clotheslining Reigns out of the air. Lashley runs into a uranage by Big E. Lashley kicks out. Big E spears Reigns in the corner. Big E hits the ropes and runs right into a Samoan drop by Reigns. Big E kicks out. Big E rolls out of the ring. Reigns clobbers Lashley with clothesline after clothesline in the corner. Reigns sits Lashley on the top rope. Lashley pushes Reigns off the top. Reigns responds with an uppercut. Reigns sets up a superplex. Big E rushes in and powerbombs Reigns and Lashley off the top.

After the break, Reigns tries a clothesline in the corner but Big E catches Reigns and hits a suplex. Big E lands a few more suplexes. Big E tries a running splash but Lashley pulls Big E out of the ring and tosses him into the barricade. Lashley gets back in the ring and drops Reigns with the complete shot. Lashley lifts Reigns up and hits a delayed verticle suplex. Big E takes out Reigns and Lashley. Reigns lines up Reigns and Lashley next to each other. Big flattens both men with a running splash. Big E pins Lashley but Lashley kicks out. Lashley destroys Big E with a spinebuster. Reigns pushes Lashley out of the ring and tries to pin Big E. Big E kicks out at 2.9. Reigns calls for the Superman punch. Big E avoids it and blasts Reigns with the Big Ending.

Big E pins Reigns but Lashley pulls Big E out of the ring. Lashley spinebusters Big E through the announce desk. Lashley sets up a Spear. Reigns counters with a Superman Punch. Kick out by Lashley. Reigns calls for his version of the Spear. Lashley Spears Reigns first. Big E Breaks up Lashley’s Pin. Big E spears Reigns through the ropes. Reigns hits the Big Ending on Reigns again. Big E goes for the pin. Lashley hits Big E with a chair to break up the pin. Lashley hits Big E over and over again. Lashley turns around and gets Speared by Reigns. Reigns pins Lashley.

Winner- Roman Reigns


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