June 5th, 2019
 #My WWE Raw Experience 6/3/2019

June 3, 2019 – Austin Texas – RAW

Finally, I got a chance to see Roman since he returned from hiatus in October 2018 and I was so grateful to see him this time around. It really sucks how bad things have to happen to people for us to be really appreciate them more. But I have been a fan since day one so I am just glad we have him back.

I have seen Roman in 2016 at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas, Texas in which he won the title (yes I was one of the few fans cheering when he won) and then again at Royal Rumble in San Antonio 2017.

This night Roman looked really good although he does look a little smaller than the previous times which is to be expected. The arena was not sold out but the crowd jumped on their feet as soon as his music hit and Roman made his steady swag walk to the ring greeting fans on the way. Before taking the steel steps into the ring he did his “I am so fresh, wipe me down” pose as I like to call it which I love that he’s been doing since his return. Roman stood in the ring for quite a few minutes since there were some commercial breaks but he was in good spirits.

Roman starts to talk and Shane’s music hits (dollar dollar). He comes out and goes on about how he will beat Roman at Supershow Down. Roman proceeds to call Shane a spoiled brat whose a$s he will beat and then move on to Drew McIntyre on Stomping Grounds in 2 weeks. Bagpipes blare over the speakers and out comes McIntyre and he and Shane head to the ring to beat down Roman. Roman is ready and waiting but The Revival jump him from behind and all 4 of them give him a beating until The Usssooos rundown to the ring for the save. Next we have a match. The Bloodline vs The Revival. Jey was dominated for the majority of this match by the other team who took turns just giving him a beating. Some “we want roman” chants kept starting up and then Roman got the tag and cleared the ring. Jimmy gets the tag and Roman goes to the outside where he takes Claymore kick from Drew and we don’t see him for a while.

The Revival and McIntyre go on to win the match. Afterwards Shane comes into the ring and directs Drew and The Revival to beat up Roman so more which they do. Finally, Shane gives Roman the spear and then mocks the “yell” which I hate to say but seeing him do the spear and then the yell was kinda funny but not at the expense of Roman but I did chuckle a little. Raw goes to a commercial but Roman is still in the ring laying there and at first I thought he was injured because his cousins came in the ring, but ultimately he just needed to catch his breath and he then rolled out the ring and greeted fans at ringside before making his way up the ramp.

I enjoyed him and him teaming with The Usos representing the Bloodline. I also think having his cousins out there makes him more comfortable and we got to see his personality a little more. Again so glad to have seen him since he returned. Can’t wait for 2020 Wrestlemania in Tampa, FL.

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