September 30th, 2019
 #October 2019 RR 24/7 Fan of the month!

Congratulations to Sharon our 1st ever RR 24/7 fan of the month!! Check out her photo and reason for being a fan below. Also if you would like to be featured on Roman Reigns 24/7 online as RR 24/7 fan of the month then please submit the entry form here.

“I’ve been a fan of him since last 2017 and I have faith in him”

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1 Comment on “October 2019 RR 24/7 Fan of the month!”

  1. Thanks I feel extremely blessed and in November 2nd is on a Saturday and 3rd is on a Sunday Special Olympics Fall Games Bowling Tournament at El Paso Bowl I’m gonna win the gold medal to keep the Shield alive and in the words of my master of Superman Punches Roman Reigns always say Yes sir

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