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July 01, 2021

The Head of the Table shows up and shocks SGG and the Cheap Heat Universe. CORRECTION — MSG tickets go on sale Friday July 9th!

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July 01, 2021

Congratulations to Jackie our July 2021 Fan of the Month at Roman Reigns Daily!!
Check out their photo and reason for being a fan below.

” I’m a huge Roman fan since 2014, because 8 years ago back at WWE Extreme Rules 2013, I saw the Tribal Chief in person. I got his shirts as well. I really want to meet Thee Universal Heavyweight Champion someday. BTW, I’m also a PaulHeyman Girl. Nuff said.”

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June 26, 2021

Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida


We open Smackdown backstage, Paul Heyman tells Roman Reigns that Rey Mysterio and Dominik are acknowledging him from their hospital beds. Jimmy walks in. Reigns asks him where Jey is. Jimmy says he finally spoke to Jey and he’s not coming. Jimmy says he still isn’t anyone’s bitch, but he’s here to help. Reigns asks Jimmy if he can do what Jey does. Jimmy tells Reigns he isn’t his brother but he can do what Jey does. Reigns chuckles and tells Jimmy to prove it.

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Backstage, Jimmy asks Heyman what Reigns meant when he said prove it.

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June 11, 2021

Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida

In-Ring Segment: Jimmy Uso

Jimmy says Reigns had to make the tag title match last week about him. Jimmy says he thinks Reigns got them disqualified on purpose. Reigns, Heyman, and Jey are watching from backstage. Jimmy says Reigns is jealous. Jimmy says Reigns is trying to take his brother away from him. Jimmy says he’s his brother’s keeper, not Reigns. Tonight, Jimmy is going to do something he isn’t going to regret.

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Backstage, Reigns tells Jey to handle his brother. After the break, Jey finds Jimmy backstage.

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June 04, 2021

Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida

In-Ring Segment: Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Reigns is showered with”Roman sucks” chants. Reigns says he’s very direct about how he’s feeling. Last week he wasn’t happy. But after talking to Heyman he feels differently. Reigns is a giver and he is allowing this tag team title match to happen.  If Jimmy says they are going to win, they better. Reigns tells Heyman to bring him his cousins.


sd06042021-84.jpg sd06042021-61.jpg sd06042021-40.jpg sd06042021-01.jpg

Heyman stumbles all over himself to yell at the production crew to hit the Usos music.

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June 04, 2021

Inside the Ropes 11/2020 Edition featuring Roman Reigns added to the spear galleries

insidetheropes2020-1.jpg insidetheropes2020-5.jpg insidetheropes2020-3.jpg insidetheropes2020-7.jpg

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