May 21st, 2020
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WWE superstar Roman Reigns joins the Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 Edition of The Patrick Johnson Show to talk deciding not to wrestle for the WWE during the COVID-19 pandemic, his relationship with the company, his diagnoses of leukemia, and much more!!!

Here on the Patrick Johnson show got an interview coming up in just a few minutes with WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Ever since all of this broke out with covid-19 it affected sports and. we are experiencing the new normal of all of these major sporting events possibly being played or even being you know played without anybody in the stands WWE had to face this right around the time they were going to have their signature event of the Year WrestleMania.
One of the headline matches was Roman Reigns against Goldberg for the world championship Roman Reigns the WWE Superstar who is a two-time survivor of leukemia had Pull out of the event and also has held himself out because of his health situation, and he is unfortunately could be very susceptible to this covid-19 burlier this morning. I had a chance to speak to WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, and we talked about a myriad of topics including his relationship right now with World Wrestling Entertainment going on Saturday morning.
PJ: Good morning to you buddy. It’s great to have you on the Patrick Johnson show here. Just want to get an update. Update on how you’re doing physically right now with everything going on covid-19 is your health good
Roman: Right now things are good. And you know, I’m very blessed to be in a position where I still have a job and they’ve been very supportive of me, you know taking control of I guess my narrative and  protecting myself and my family I can’t thank of WWE enough, you know new babies  and the opportunity to protect their family.
PJ: So  just to clarify cause you know, there’s a lot of chatter about this. From wrestling fans you and the WWE are good right now, right?
Roman: Me and the WWE have always been good and we will always be good. They could fire me today and I would still be so grateful for the opportunities that I have been afforded in the times and you know, the memories and friendships and relationships that I created in WWE. WWW will Always be good with me. That’s for sure WWE
PJ: Superstar Roman Reigns joining us here on the PGA show today. Leukemia Survivor one-time College. All player with Georgia Tech and he is speaking today with the group LLS are on behalf of the group LLS the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We’re going to have a little bit more on that it just a minute plus another special guest joining us, but  Roman Reigns is on the phone line with us right now.
PJ: Roman as far as the decision to pull out of WrestleMania and kind of hold out right now while this pandemic is going on being a two-time leukemia Survivor. What went into that decision how much consulting did you do with your medical team? Maybe with the WWE’s medical team Etc.
Roman: You know, I had you know, the help of my doctors, LLS, but it was mainly just a personal choice that I had to make as an individual, you know, not only just for myself and my family but just, you know, for my community as well. I think that every scenario is different and we’re all individuals and we have to think like but I had to think for myself and you know make that choice for my family.
PJ: any time anyone hears the word cancer. It’s a scary diagnosis. I have to imagine it was both times, but maybe how was that diagnosis and you receiving that news different the second time around than the first time around for you
Roman: you know, I so young and there wasn’t a huge support system for me, the second time around I had you know a huge fear. I’m losing everything I had worked for, losing my job, losing my dreams. You know the first time it happened I had no clue what you know about being a wrestler being with WWE achieving the things that I’ve been able to achieve. So losing all that was very scary. But as soon as I shared it with the world to feel that that outpouring of support you know wrapped a huge security blanket wrapped around me. It just made me know that I made the right choice by sharing it and it just really shows the positivity that we still have in this world, but the internet and the connectivity of social media and some people really try to use it in a very negative way, but my story kind of showcases the positivity and the support.


PJ: You maybe have no idea of knowing this right now Roman, but when would you ideally like to try to be back and be back in the ring


Roman: as soon as possible I mean would be ideal for me. I love to perform. I love to be able to support the WWE and give back to the company that made my name you know and put me in a position to where I can be comfortable and provide for my family and you know, even in a time like this to be able to support my family to still, you know, receive a paycheck and for us to be in a situation where you know, we’re not scared I owe that all to WWE and I want to get back as soon as possible. But you know, we’re in uncertain times and that’s what makes me so proud about being with that LLS is this is an organization that knows exactly what they’re doing and you know to be able to support people and give them that certainty. It just makes a huge difference and people’s lives, especially when they’re going through so much in such a short time. But yeah, I mean, I would definitely like to be back as soon as possible. We just we just don’t know yet.
PJ: Roman mentioned LLS there that is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Roman Reigns partnering with that group to supply support blood cancer patients during the covid-19 crisis. We also know the WWE has very much gotten behind that effort as well. Roman is joined by the president and CEO of LLS. Dr. Lewis. Janeiro who’s with us on the phone right now. Let’s bring the doc in as well here doc good to have you on for people who have dealt with blood cancers during this covid-19. what is the need that those patients have right now
Dr. Janeiro: patients need us now more than ever in this era of covid-19 every day. We speak with patients and caregivers listen to their questions and concerns.  where they focus  their health and preserving that help, you know, by their very nature of their disease cancer and their treatment chemotherapy many times. They’re highly susceptible. so we’re there with oncology nurses and social workers at the each of our 800 numbers and our chat lines  to answer all of their questions be sure they can and guidance to the right treatment at the right doc the right approach. We’ve also tried to help deal with the financial concerns. LLS  have stood up a financial aid program at the beginning of April where we gave a one-time $250 stipend to blood cancer patients. To cover expenses like Grocery and utilities and transportation since the beginning of April. We’ve distributed nearly four million dollars in nearly 15,000 patients all across the United States
PJ: Roman. Why do you believe it’s important for patients to have this access to this type of support from this organization? Well, I mean, I’m were in kind of uncertainty right now, you know, we embed covid-19 is brand-new. We had the support of an organization like LLS, you know people doctors and staff at LLS know exactly what they’re doing. They have great experience, you know, they’ve been able to you know, raise so much money over the years towards research and you know financial support. So just to be able to know that you have a team of support surrounding you that support system. I think it just helps people in this scary time and it’s rough enough to be diagnosed with any type of cancer just and then this scenario, even when the world is running at its best – you don’t expect to be at this point where people are losing their jobs, you know scared for their lives. I think the reassurance of LLS whose helped out, you know, so many people greatly know you guys are busy.
PJ: Thank you for your time, Dr. De Janeiro a continued success with LLS and Roman. Thank you and a lot of your fans have wanted to get some clarification on some things really appreciate it. Thank you, buddy. …

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