September 24th, 2019
 #Smackdown Live Results 9/24/2019: Results, Photos + Video added

San Francisco, CA

Rowan talks about “might being right” and how Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan know he’s right, as does the SmackDown locker room, which is why they’re afraid. Rowan goes on until Bryan’s music interrupts and out he comes to the stage with a mic. Bryan walks down the ramp and says if Rowan wants respect, fight him right now for it. Bryan drops the mic and they both ready for a match as the referee gets in between them to start things.

Daniel Bryan vs. Erick Rowan after the match

– After the match, Harper hits the ring as Rowan’s music hits. Harper manhandles Bryan some and goes out of the ring to help Rowan clear the announce table. The music interrupts and out comes Roman Reigns to a pop. Roman leaps off the steel steps or a Superman Punch to Harper. Reigns rocks Rowan and delivers a Drive By to Rowan. Harper and Rowan double team Reigns and bring him over to the announce table as some fans boo them. Bryan tries to make the save. Harper brings Bryan into the ring. Bryan ducks a big shot and drops Harper with a flying knee. Rowan returns to the ring and goes for a third Iron Claw on Bryan but Reigns makes the save and drops Rowan with a big Spear. Reigns checks on Bryan but Bryan doesn’t want the help. Bryan gets to his feet limping. Bryan takes the mic and says all he wants is a one word answer – do the fans want to see he and Reigns kick these disrespectful asses? Fans pop and start a “yes!” chant. Rowan and Harper watch from the ramp as Bryan and Reigns stand in the ring together. Bryan’s music hits and he hypes the crowd up.


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