September 2nd, 2019
 #Smackdown Preview 9/03/19: Daniel Bryan still wants an apology from Roman Reigns, What about Rowan?!!


Last week on Smackdown Live! Roman Reigns discovered Rowan caused the incident backstage involving the scaffolding falling on Reigns a few weeks back. In an effort claim his innocence Bryan and having nothing to do with Rowan attack, Bryan, ran down to the ring only to be met by a spear from Roman.

However, Daniel Bryan has still demanded an apology from Reigns:

“Roman Reigns speared me last week and I understand his frustration. I know how it looks. I know a lot of people don’t like me and I know I seem guilty by association, but that doesn’t make me a liar. Erick Rowan is the one to blame and I have had nothing to do with this. Therefore, I still deserve an apology from Roman Reigns.”

Will Bryan get his apology this week on Smackdown?

What will the Big Dog do about Rowan?

Tune in to WWE Smackdown Live this Tuesday to see what happens!

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