January 9th, 2020
 #The Usos talk about Roman Reigns on WWE After the Bell

The Usos said they were so happy to have the bloodline back re-aligned with their cousin Roman. It was like a being away for a while from your close homie and when you see each other it’s like ya’ll click and take off like you never left each other. That’s how it is with us and Roman. Everytime we get around each other its like we never left.

The Twins were happy as hell to come back up in there cause if they would have seen dog food again on Roman again… The Uso said they were sitting in the living room watching Roman have dog food smeared all over him and wondering if it was real. Corey Graves said it was real and The Usos said dog food smells bad and good and Roman had it all in his hair and in his clothes

Corey Graves said Corbin and Ziggler used the bad imitation dog food and it did not smell good at all

The Usos said Roman had long pretty hair and Roman complained about having to wash all the dog food out of his hair and he still smelled dog food for 3 day afterwards.

Corey said Roman looked like Swamp Thing walking back to the locker room.

The Usos said they would have sprayed him down with dishwashing soap and a water hose.

credit: romanreigns247online.org if using transcript

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