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    WWE Universal champion, Roman Reigns, who will main event SummerSlam this year in a match against John Cena. Reigns share his thoughts on working with Cena after he was away from the company for long, gives us the backstory on his famous "missionary" promo on Cena and the fallout, tells us where we stand on a potential Reigns match against The Rock, and reveals what happened after he speared Stephanie McMahon during a WrestleMania match in 2017.
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    Paul Heyman leads a look back at the family history of The Bloodline
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    October/November 2019 cover , Roman Reigns. Reigns opens up to our readers about his battle with Leukemia and shares the touching family history behind his iconic ink. Take a look at his interview with yours truly and his exclusive video tattoo tour
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    Roman Reigns discusses the meaning behind his most personal tattoo - Part 2: Superstar Ink
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    In the first part of this special edition of Superstar Ink, Roman Reigns reveals why his traditional Samoan tattoo is so important to him