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    The Big Dog is looking for a fight! Roman Reigns picks The New Day’s Kofi Kingston as his dream opponent for WWE 2K20 for the WWE Championship inside the special New Day-themed arena!
  • Added: Sep 22, 2019   |   Duration: 01:00   |   Views: 2104
    In 2K Towers: Roman’s Reign, players follow “The Big Dog” through his early days in WWE, including his time as a member of The Shield to his rivalries with Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Undertaker and more. Every match includes a live action introduction from “The Big Dog” himself in exclusive, never-before-seen footage.
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    The Big Dog reacts to being on the cover of WWE 2K20 after a whirlwind year, including his battle with leukemia.
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    How they asked Roman Reigns to be on the cover of WWE 2K20, Roman Reigns on backstage Ribs WWE 2K20
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    WWE 2K20 launches October 22 with Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns on the cover