January 23rd, 2020
 #WWE’S Baron Corbin talks about Roman Reigns & Dog Food | Houston Chronicle

Baron Corbin was interviewed by the Houston Chronicle ahead of Sunday Royal Rumble at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. Here are some snippets when asked about his feud with Roman Reigns

Your feud with Roman Reigns has only cranked up that hatred. How has being in a feud upped the ante?

CORBIN: “I have been lucky that the last few guys I have really been in a ring with have been a fan favorite from Roman to Seth (Rollins) to the Rock. I take a sense of pride in helping people love those guys. Every once in a while you used to get the ‘Let’s go Roman,’ ‘Roman Sucks’ chants. Now, no one is saying ‘Roman sucks.’ It is always ‘Corbin sucks.’ But when you have a guy like that who the people love. It makes my job very easy. I can just stand there and yell at a little kid and say ‘Look at your hero. He is crawling on the ground like a little baby.’ And they lose their mind. When you have a guy they truly care about, it is awesome.”

In your feud with Roman Reigns, what is the favorite thing you have gotten to do? The dog mascot? The dog food?

CORBIN: “Definitely covering him in dog food was a blast aside from the smell – it got on me as well. But that level of guttural hatred that I heard when we were doing it was awesome and the moment was right. I think it was old school and it was just nasty. And I think outside the box. It was a lot of fun to do.

How long before the show did you know that you’re going to get to do the dog food segment? And did you know you’d actually get to pour dog food on him?

CORBIN: “I heard a whisper of it, but thought it was a joke. Then it came to fruition that night, a little bit before it happened. I like it when it is last minute like that and it was it was cool that way.”

That was a lot of dog food. The smell had to be pretty bad.

CORBIN: “If you’ve ever stepped into dog poop, it was like that. No matter how many times you wash your shoes, you smell the dog poop for four days. That is what it was. I smelled that dog food for a solid week. I mean, I showered for an hour. I went home and a couple days later and I was like ‘I smell this dog food.’ It was brutal.”

Roman Reigns struggled with those type of chants for a while. He hasn’t been getting those in this feud. What does that say about your work?

CORBIN: “A ton. It says a lot about the hard work I have done to put myself into this position. It is a testament to all those frustrating days you spend trying to learn how to develop and take things to the next level. To get this response? It is just cool, and I think it is appreciated when guys work hard to make them the greatest thing since sliced bread.”


credit: HoustonChronicle

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